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Hubert Reynolds

Purvis Upper Elementary School was officially created in July of 2007. Prior to July 2007, grades three and four were part of a K-4 elementary school and grade five was a part of the middle school. Pulling all of these grades together was a challenge but proved worth while. We have been ableto provide students with a transition from the lower elementary to the middle school. Third grade is set up for self-contained classes while fourth and fifth grade teachers team-teach. The teaming approach allows students to change classesbetween two - three teachers. This helps to prepare them for the multipletransitions between classes in the upper

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School Everyday

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                                                                            School Every Day: 
Make Every Day Count
Attendance Awareness
The Importance of Attendance:
* Attendance matters for doing well in school and life
* Attendance helps develop good habits
* Too many absences will slow down instruction for all students
* Children will suffer academically if they miss 10% of school days
* Chronic absences is a leading warning sign that a student will drop out
* Poor attendance affects funding your local school and school district
Every Day Counts: Attend Today - Achieve Tomorrow
For more information and to see the district daily absence
report click on the School Every Day logo above. 

Programs and Services

7 years ago

 Purvis Upper Elementary Serves grades 3-5  

Grade 3:

*Self-Contained with an average of 24-1 (student - teacher ratio)

Grade 4:

*Team-teaching approach with an average of 24-1 (student - teacher ratio)

Grade 5:

*Team-teaching approach with an average of 25-1 (student - teacher ratio)

(All classes are equipped with the promethean board technology.)


Purvis Upper is a Title 1 School:

*Accelerated Reader

*STARS Reading Lab

*Texas Scottish Rites

*Moby Max

*Small Group Tutoring

*DARE Program
Purvis Upper Elementary also provides the following:

*Library Instruction

*Music Instruction & Programs

*P.E. / Health Instruction
*Art Instruction
*27 station computer lab
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