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Hubert Reynolds

Purvis Upper Elementary School was officially created in July of 2007. Prior to July 2007, grades three and four were part of a K-4 elementary school and grade five was a part of the middle school. Pulling all of 
these grades together was a challenge but proved worth while. We have been able to provide 
students with a transition from the lower elementary to the middle school. The teaming approach to teaching, allows teachers to specialize in one or more subject areas. This also helps to prepare 
students for the multiple transitions between classes when they go to Purvis Middle School.

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School Everyday

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                                                                            School Every Day: 
Make Every Day Count
Attendance Awareness
The Importance of Attendance:
* Attendance matters for doing well in school and life
* Attendance helps develop good habits
* Too many absences will slow down instruction for all students
* Children will suffer academically if they miss 10% of school days
* Chronic absences is a leading warning sign that a student will drop out
* Poor attendance affects funding your local school and school district
Every Day Counts: Attend Today - Achieve Tomorrow
For more information and to see the district daily absence
report click on the School Every Day logo above. 

Programs and Services

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 Purvis Upper Elementary Serves grades 3-5  

Grade 3:

*Self-Contained with an average of 24-1 (student - teacher ratio)

Grade 4:

*Team-teaching approach with an average of 24-1 (student - teacher ratio)

Grade 5:

*Team-teaching approach with an average of 25-1 (student - teacher ratio)

(All classes are equipped with the promethean board technology.)


Purvis Upper is a Title 1 School:

*Accelerated Reader

*STARS Reading Lab

*Texas Scottish Rites

*Moby Max

*Small Group Tutoring

*DARE Program
Purvis Upper Elementary also provides the following:

*Library Instruction

*Music Instruction & Programs

*P.E. / Health Instruction
*Art Instruction
*27 station computer lab
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