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Title 1

Purvis Upper Elementary

Parental Involvement/Title 1 Complaints/Concerns


A complaint/concern is a signed written statement that includes allegations or concerns applicable to the Title 1 Educational Program (LEA Level) and information that supports the complaint/concern.

*Note; Any parent, teacher, or other concerned individual(s) or organization may file a complaint.




Receiving complaints: written complaints may be given to local school principals and filed at the Title 1 office (Central Office).


1. Signature of the complainant is required.


2. The written complaint will then be delivered to the LEA Superintendent's office or Title 1 office by the principal or his/her designee.


3. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Title 1 Coordinator and the District Supervisor will investigate the complaint in a timely manner consulting with the LEA Superintendent if necessary.

* Written a timely manner, a resolution and written decision acknowledging receipt of the complaint/concern will be rendered by the LEA. (Title 1 Coordinator/designnee)


Contact Person:

*Local School Administrator: (see local school phone numbers)

*Title 1 Coordinator: Mr. Ricky Messick 222-7571

*Parenta; Involvment Coordinator Mrs. Ann Shakespeare 222-7571


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